Another Garden Helper

And another garden helper appears!

You just keep doing you worm. Thank you for your service.



Apple Promises

Three years ago, for Mother’s and Father’s Day we planted a “mommy” (non pollinator) and “daddy” (pollinator) apple tree.

This year we are blessed with seeing the hint of two apples on the first daddy tree we planted.

Last year, we planted two more apple trees. This year we planted cherry trees.

We already have a plan that if they successfully ripen we’ll be washing and cutting them and all seven of us will enjoy a slice or two of our brand new fresh apples.

A promise of wonderful things to come.


Strawberry Promises

We just planted these! Here they are, already blossoming and possibly going to bear tiny strawberries their first season in the ground.

We bought quite a few little plants. It’s our hope that they all make it so that we have scads of strawberries soon™.