Kindergarten Tour

Newbie got to go to a kindergarten tour at her future school this spring.

She quickly found the activities she was interested in the classroom.

From magnetic “paper dolls”…

To the play dough station.

She had no interest in the cookies and snacks, maybe because they didn’t look as good as what Redflare can make at home.

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Stinky Cat

I’m not at all sure why Lady Grey likes to cuddle with Redflare.

Of all the family members, Redflare is probably the least “cat person” of us.

Maybe it’s Lady Grey’s appreciation from a mother to a mother. She senses the kindred spirit and big heart that helped save her and her babies from a life on the streets as a wild cat.

Whatever the reason might be, they both have managed to worm their way into our hearts. Hard to believe Grey entered our lives a little more than a year ago.


Cornered Baby

As toddlers are want to do, this one decided she would ‘help’ open all the drawers so that we could more effectively put the plates they commonly use away.

She didn’t realize at the time that she would then be trapping her into a corner.

The angle of the drawer and her arms made it so she was highly offended by the small pickle she just got herself in, until we closed the drawers for her.


Bolt Lover

Superman and the movie Bolt came out the same year.

He’s always been a fan of the movie.

Naturally we discovered it about two years after it came out, but he loved the movie so much that we were sure to get him a stuff Bolt for his third birthday.

He still plays and cuddles with it.


Birthday Tub

I wish I could say that I was partying so hard for my birthday that I ended up needing to sleep in the bathtub (do people actually do that?)

Instead, this happened back in April when I was trying to put some things away in the cupboard right by the bathtub.

Slipped, and this is how I landed.

May as well manage to post something embarrassing on my birthday though. 🙂

The only thing hurt was my pride in the making of this picture, at least, long term.