Bird Watching

With all the snow still on the ground we heard that birds were starting to starve.

Sadly, as the snow melted we did find two dead birds.

On the next grocery run though we picked up a bird feeder, which was immediately appreciated by the locals.

Meanwhile, the cats have appreciated being able to watch our visitors…

Anybody who has bird watching cats can probably hear the sound Big Red is making as Redflare took this picture.



Hungry Bunny

During this late, long, cold winter the bunnies clearly started getting extra hungry.

So hungry that they started nibbling on our sleeping apple trees.

Redflare bought some more tree protectors, but not before one apple tree was damaged pretty heavily.

Sorry little guy, but you’ll have to find lunch elsewhere.


Ice Crystals

Nature offers us fleeting moments of beauty, even in winter.

The raspberry bush out front had collected ice.

Getting in close you’re able to really appreciate it though.

It was cold enough this winter that even the icicles had frost on them at points!


Wintery Days

From what I’ve heard this was an especially wet and snowy winter.

The footage would certainly agree with that.

I did most of my shoveling the night before from this blizzard…

There was still some driveway to street shoveling required.

Once done there I noticed that a neighbor had tried to simply jump the pile the city likes to leave in front of everyone’s driveways.

Take it from personal experience, friend, you’re going to get stuck… and he did.

Shovel in hand I went over to help him out, trying to shoo Redflare back inside from the cold.

Instead, she took this of me helping him out.

On a cold day like this, coming home to warm pasties was especially fantastic.


Caturday? Bird Lessons

It’s quite clearly spring now. Mother birds are out teaching their own younglings the ways of the world.

We were blessed with three robin nests this year. I think one got hit, but as far as I know, the other two are still active with little ones, soon ready to learn to fly.

The cats have been highly valuing looking out the windows at these feathered feasts, swishing their tails and pondering what they would do if they were outside.