Heat Reprieve

It’s raining!

Like I’ve mentioned, May brought some unseasonably hot days for us, so when it started raining the kids charged outside to bask.

Nicely cooled things off for us and even treated us to a double rainbow.



Mama Robin

So I think a few pictures may have gotten into my “future post” folder a bit out of order.

Why do I think that? Because I was talking about the new teen robins the other day and now here’s a picture of mother robin on her nest, still working on that first clutch that we had been worrying about.

As I write this in mid July I’ve seen hints of her second clutch peeping up from the edges of her nest. I bet they’ll be off learning to fly soon.


Spring’s Touch

We have a couple of lilac bushes around the house, and once spring finally came, so did their flowers.

At first we also thought that one of the naturally sprouting bushes where the previous owner’s pool was were nightshade, but we’re not so sure about that anymore. I think honeysuckle is the other contender on these. I suppose we’ll figure it out if it ever shows berries… and then destroy them if they do appear.


Teen Birds

We’d been a little worried about the nest mother robin had put near our driveway because we hadn’t seen any baby robins for a little while.

Could something have gotten them?

Nope, turns out they all grew big enough that they moved out and are at the last stages of becoming adult robins.


Pole Work

A few years ago the neighbor cut down a dying/dead tree. One of the branches knocked out one of the support bars of our clothesline.

You could say a tree clotheslined our clothesline even.

With that being the case, and room starting to run out in the yard to keep new trees healthy, it was time to say goodbye to the poles.

I suppose this could be considered a very uniquely destructive pole dance?

These things were properly cemented in at a certain point, plus holes at the top of the poles acted like a funnel to the ground so the area at the concrete was nice and wet.

We didn’t want to dig too deep or wide for the sake of the yard and the new trees that would be going in.

Like this new cherry tree.

While we’re out there, may as well check on the tree that had surgery too.

So far so good.


Garden Update

Things are coming along nicely outside in the recycling greenhouses.

Bunching onions…


And even some tomatoes!

The spinach I think will need to be moved soon and the dill looks great too.

A couple years ago we planted some asparagus seeds near our patch, hoping to enlarge it. Well, nothing ever sprouted there, but this season we’re seeing some rogue asparagus starting to show up in a few unexpected places.

Like in a shrubbery!?

Spring is clearly in full… bloom because we’re getting tulips and cherry blossoms.

Some happy looking strawberries.

And the promise of some apples and asparagus where we expect them!

Before starting on a backyard project, perhaps we should ponder the johnny jump ups.