Wake Me When Summer Begins

Everyone has different markers for when summer officially starts for them. Once the kids are out of school, once grilling starts in earnest, once mowing the lawn is required more frequently, once there’s a lot of road construction…

My favorite here is once our catalpa tree in the front yard goes into full bloom for the briefest of periods.

I took this picture back on June 11. The flowers always look to me a little like lightly buttered popcorn, especially when they fall from the tree and carpet the driveway and yard (also for an unfortunately very short time.)

While it’s a bit ironic to post this on September 1, I’m just going item by item through my pictures folder as usual, so here they are, helping us all remember and hope that your summer went well.


Thicc Boy

Along with the snow come the animals paying us visits. This big guy for instance liked to try and steal from our bird feeder.

I say ‘tried’ but really I mean he must have, he’s quite large. The kids enjoyed watching him through the windows too though.


Moon Shot

Because Redflare loves to take pictures of the moon it’s no surprise to me that eventually she’d catch something cross its path.

Only reason she even kept that picture. Otherwise it wasn’t up to her usual standards.


Water Stops

While visiting there was very much a lack of air conditioning, so taking refuge near water was helpful for Redflare to stave off heat exhaustion.

There was a creek they literally went and sat in.

The creek visiting was probably her favorite part of the trip. Forgetting the outside world and doing something that maybe they’d have done as kids had they been able to grow up together.

And then when this close to the Missouri river, one can’t resist but taking a picture of it, right?


Apple Promises

One of the trees this year has shared fantastic fruit with us. The other two… well, one seems a bit spotty and moldy for some reason and the other just didn’t produce much. Probably need more of our pollinators to be developed enough to actually produce flowers.

Doesn’t stop me from admiring their growth as the summer progresses.


Mountain Views

Like I said, it’s really cool how these pictures get organized once all the cameras sync back together.

We’re treated to more mountain views because those are what come next. 🙂

And then these are called the “Flat Irons”.