Sweet Eye

Over this summer, on occasion, a random youngling will accompany me on the weekly grocery trip.

On this particular grocery trip it was Newbie, who caught an opportunity to create this art in the spilled sugar on the shelves of Walmart.



Traditionally on nights where I’m playing D&D (either Tuesday or Thursday depending on the campaign historically) I bake pizza. Seems appropriate to the activities planned, after all.

On this particular night we set her up in her high chair to keep me company as I cooked the rest of the pizza… as she moved on to demolish the pieces we gave her.

She mostly sucks off the sauce and scrapes the cheese free of the crust with her few front teeth and eventually tosses the soggy, empty, sad crust to the side in favor of a new piece.

But boy does she have fun devouring them as she goes.


Birthday Candles

My birthday came and went again this year (May 23). There were a few unique aspects to the day, however. One of them was that I managed to prank myself accidentally. I’m the one doing the grocery runs so when I bought candles to stock up I didn’t pay attention too closely and ended up with a small supply of trick candles.


Another unique happening this time around was that my probably future daughter-in-law is the one to make the cake. Redflare had her hands full with little Potato (he’s hiding in the background on this picture held by Little Miss) so she went on a baking adventure after volunteering as tribute.

I had a boxed cake ready to go, but she accepted the challenge and defeated it masterfully.

Also featured on my lap but barely in the frame would be Fireball. I think her sippy is more in frame than she is, but you can see a sweet little chunky arm.

Mario Karting and some D&D board gaming filled a majority of the day when I wasn’t grilling. I’m not quite sure the picture order messed up a bit, but oh well.


Grilled Wing Review

Thunderer loves hot wings. When everything is back to normal I want to take just her out to a wing restaurant in town just so we can hang out and enjoy some together.

Normally TJ’s girlfriend isn’t a hug fan of wings. She’ll eat them, but doesn’t love them. This time? She and Thunderer worked together quite nicely to enjoy the majority of the wings.

I’m just glad that they were that enjoyed. For whatever reason every other time I’ve been grilling since then so far, I haven’t been able to find more in the grocery store.


Birthday Grilling

We’ll start my big birthday meal off with the appetizers and some frozen chicken breasts. Reviews for the food will come later, but we were all rather surprised at how well hose frozen wings turned out.

With the wings done it was time to move on to the burgers…

And as things started finishing off I was able to make room for the brats.

Oh look, there’s a veggie burger hanging out there too. The left of the grill has never seen meat touch it so that Little Miss, who doesn’t like the taste of meat, can avoid that flavor entirely.


Final Surge

My second to last surge can. When they made a return I stocked up, but now I can’t find them anymore. 😦

I had the last one in my stockpile back on my birthday and the second to last one on Dad’s birthday before that.

Hopefully it comes back again someday, just like peanut butter twix.


Fried Flowers

Yeah, I didn’t know this was a thing at all and then Little Miss/Snow watches a tiktok and now we’re harvesting dandelions, breading them, and frying them.

Not bad. Not much flavor period really, but that’s probably for the best if you’re grossed out. Supposedly these things are chock full of nutrients that are good for you too.