Fried Flowers

Yeah, I didn’t know this was a thing at all and then Little Miss/Snow watches a tiktok and now we’re harvesting dandelions, breading them, and frying them.

Not bad. Not much flavor period really, but that’s probably for the best if you’re grossed out. Supposedly these things are chock full of nutrients that are good for you too.


Sandwich Stealer

Working from home has a lot of benefits. It also presents a danger to sandwiches during lunch breaks.


(The first has little Fireball leaning into my sub sandwich and the second has her contentedly putting a hand on the sub as she confidently bites into the end.)

I usually get a cold cut combo during grocery night and then save at least one half for work the next day. With as busy as things were that night both halves (fortunately) were available to share.

(A happy baby with lettuce hanging out of mouth slightly after taking another bite)



With the blog in sort of catch up mode perhaps we’ll highlight some pictures from their birthdays without dedicating a post per kid.

That, and I don’t think Redflare grabbed pictures from every birthday we’ve missed on the blog since we last posted something. :p

There has been some gift giving along the way though, like a painting made by Little Miss for TJ:

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Might Fine Dining

Around now I should point out that this trip was generously paid for by Redflare’s friend who needed the help. Getting to bask in the mountain views was enough for Redflare, but her friend went above and beyond and treated her to a fancy restaurant too.

I hear they have the best cream soda she’s ever had.

Because both of them are camera shy, any pictures of the two of them together are for our private collection, instead you can enjoy more shots of food like this Asaskan halibut…

Something about asparagus and cheese…

Mushroom Popover?

And this random image of a Spiderman statue?