Heart Food

At some point I missed the memo about if you see a heart in food you’re supposed to give it to your love.

Redflare saved this walnut for me as a loving gesture and then had to explain it since I was confused.

Yep, I kind of deflated the moment a bit. :p

I’ll know foe next time.



Pizza Time

Behold, the homemade pizza and all its goodness.

Homemade crust even!

Sure the sauce is store bought, but it’s the crust that makes it so special anyway.


Zoo Snack

Naturally, they’re getting more than ketchup, but some of them, as I waited for their fry order snack to be ready, were licking from the ketchup containers like cats.


Superman almost looks like he took Redflare seriously. :p

But then the fries came, and they all rejoiced.



Warcraft Cookbook: Soft Banana Bread


From page 87 of the Warcraft Cookbook.

Something to keep in mind on this one is that there is a typo. It calls for vanilla but doesn’t say how much. Redflare reached out to the author on twitter and found out that it needs 1 TSP of vanilla.

It wasn’t as good as the recipe she usually uses but we did appreciate the added touch of the frosting.


Warcraft Cookbook: Ironforge Rations


We’ve continued to make great use of the warcraft cookbook. On page 131 rests the recipe for “Ironforge Rations.” Because Redflare is a vegetarian we made one modification by swapping out ground beef with morning star veggie crumbles. I think it had also called for a different bread, but we went with french bread instead.

They were fantastic.