Meet the Competitors and Judges for Blogger Blitz: Black Sheep!

via Meet the Competitors and Judges for Blogger Blitz: Black Sheep!


Superman as Thanos in Fortnite

I was tempted to put this on Monk of Mists where most of my gaming videos go but I decided to put it here because it involves Superman’s play.

Superman screamed in what we thought was terror but was actually joy as he secured the gauntlet.

And then he got it again!


Sharing Stellaris Races (Plantoids and Vulcans)

So one of the neat things about Stellaris are the custom races that you can create.

Well, if you’re going to use what I’ve created, then I need to share what I have DLC wise.

So if you have all these checkboxes checked, you can make what I’ve created exactly.

There unfortunately isn’t a very nuanced way of exporting your races in Stellaris.

The first choice, if you have multiple computers or you’re entering the galaxy at large for the first time with friends, is to simply go to one of the following place (Mac or PC) and sharing this file:

Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/user_empire_designs.txt

The problem is, what happens if your friends are also making custom races too?

Annoyingly, you’re going to be relegated to sharing screenshots of the setup screens, or a video.

To that end, enjoy my two custom races!

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