Little Miss went with a friend to a local art chalk festival. She came back with a lot of great pictures but we decided to highlight two of our favorites.




Little Miss had an assignment to create a piece of abstract art.

We quite liked it and wanted to be sure to save a copy for ourselves.

It wouldn’t quite work in the scanner thanks to the unique dimensions so we had to settle for a picture instead.


Wall Art

We discovered recently that the plastic anti-mold wall coverings in the basement can be drawn on with crayon and then cleaned off with germ-x and gentle scrubbing.

It was an appreciated activity as the temperatures increased. Something extra to do in the basement.

Little Miss decorated the basement with this scene. We had just shared Homeward Bound with them for the first time and they loved it.


Spring Ballet Costume

Little Miss’ spring ballet costume has arrived!

Time to show it off. 🙂

One reason we go with the dance company that she’s in is because the outfits are a bit more tasteful. Daddy opinion says that it’s a little short… the theme are songs from Ella Enchanted I believe.

She always comes away from practice and performances feeling energized and happy, so it’s worth the extra driving.


Music Runs in the Blood

As I mentioned before, Redflare and I met through piano lessons. After Redflare’s parents visited this summer they brought the trumpet and flute because Little Miss wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to start playing in school band (she’s settled on he flute for now.)

The clarinets there on the floor are mine and TJ’s.

We like filling the house with music when we can, either sounds we generate ourselves or play from iTunes and our wide library.


Practicing in the Basement

On the hot days of August (because we’re slowly catching up!) we’d venture downstairs and enjoy the cooler temperatures there.

It was especially nicer to do now that there was some furniture.

There’s now a comfortable place down there to sit and practice their instruments and still prop their music nicely, for instance.