Sweet Eye

Over this summer, on occasion, a random youngling will accompany me on the weekly grocery trip.

On this particular grocery trip it was Newbie, who caught an opportunity to create this art in the spilled sugar on the shelves of Walmart.


Become Human

Over the summer we got in a lot of playing Detroit: Become Human.

If you haven’t played this game yet and you have a PS4, I very highly recommend it.

Little Miss was very inspired by the game and created four pieces of art for it. I’ve posted them on twitter before, but I thought I’d highlight her three “character-centric” pieces here too.

I’m not going to give much background on any of them, just in case you’re somebody who is interested in playing the game, but those of you who have played through a few times should hopefully recognize some key scenes.


Might Fine Dining

Around now I should point out that this trip was generously paid for by Redflare’s friend who needed the help. Getting to bask in the mountain views was enough for Redflare, but her friend went above and beyond and treated her to a fancy restaurant too.

I hear they have the best cream soda she’s ever had.

Because both of them are camera shy, any pictures of the two of them together are for our private collection, instead you can enjoy more shots of food like this Asaskan halibut…

Something about asparagus and cheese…

Mushroom Popover?

And this random image of a Spiderman statue?



Little Miss had an assignment to create a piece of abstract art.

We quite liked it and wanted to be sure to save a copy for ourselves.

It wouldn’t quite work in the scanner thanks to the unique dimensions so we had to settle for a picture instead.


Wall Art

We discovered recently that the plastic anti-mold wall coverings in the basement can be drawn on with crayon and then cleaned off with germ-x and gentle scrubbing.

It was an appreciated activity as the temperatures increased. Something extra to do in the basement.

Little Miss decorated the basement with this scene. We had just shared Homeward Bound with them for the first time and they loved it.


Spring Ballet Costume

Little Miss’ spring ballet costume has arrived!

Time to show it off. 🙂

One reason we go with the dance company that she’s in is because the outfits are a bit more tasteful. Daddy opinion says that it’s a little short… the theme are songs from Ella Enchanted I believe.

She always comes away from practice and performances feeling energized and happy, so it’s worth the extra driving.