It’s really hard to believe that this little guy here…

 is now 15.

His birthday was officially on June 1, where we almost had to call the fire brigade for his cake.

He’s also wearing a new shirt he got. Themed from Arrow, a TV series that he enjoys a lot.

I think he had a good birthday weekend though. School let out on the 2nd, where he got to go to a sleepover, and while the weekend was hot, they mostly got to relax around the house.

Our annual Red Lobster trip had to be postponed, but now that it’s summer, we can go during the week too.


Little Miss Birthday

Heaven help me, I have two teenagers.


Yeah, we haven’t indoctrinated them into the Blizzard universe at all though. :p


Nope, not at all.

Ordered that plush when Blizzard made them available, they included the mini big head figure that happened to be 76 (some kind of mystery prize thing) by way of apology for taking so long with the order.

She was pleased with both.