Wifely Craftiness

One of these days Redflare will open an etsy shop. For now, she’s usually celebrating the birth of babies for friends.

These two blankets are headed to one of her old high school friends who has now had both a boy and a girl.

I have a very talented wife.


Sharing With Toddler

While TJ was doing homework and listening to music Thunderer walked up and demanded to know what he was doing.

He took a moment to patiently share exactly what he was listening to, and while he didn’t really want his picture taken, he put up with it.

Though he is going to guide her curious hands away from the equipment and keep her from trying to run off with it and pull the laptop with her.


Finding of Mess

“Oh, you’re a stay at home mom huh? That must be nice.”

Those of you who aren’t, or haven’t been, don’t know what goes into the day of a stay at home mom. You really don’t have a right to make comment about it either.

Here’s a small glimpse of what we call an “invisible mess”.

So she managed to sneak away with the corn starch.

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Sent Packing

No, Redflare and I aren’t having problems, but I did have to move my books off the bookshelf to make more room for the books she got for her birthday or with birthday money.

Especially after she reorganized the shelf.

In her defense, I don’t generally reread my books and she does, so she needs hers more readily available than I do.