Highchair Baby

Another one of the legacy items we recently inherited was this high chair that my Uncle Mike used when he was a little one.

She’s not one for being sealed anywhere for long, but she did seem to appreciate it.

I think at this point Little Miss has inherited it and uses it for her dolls instead. Also a good use of the high chair. 😀


Warranty Winning

This summer our washer died. Fortunately, it was replaced relatively quickly through our warranty.

Sure the cost of the warranty probably pays for it over time… but I think we come out ahead given that before this replacement we had visits from the repair team at Sears a few times before they finally decided to put our old one out to pasture.

This is the upgraded model. Basically the version, had we been buying a washer today, that we would have gotten compared to our old one.

Quite awesome.


Music Runs in the Blood

As I mentioned before, Redflare and I met through piano lessons. After Redflare’s parents visited this summer they brought the trumpet and flute because Little Miss wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to start playing in school band (she’s settled on he flute for now.)

The clarinets there on the floor are mine and TJ’s.

We like filling the house with music when we can, either sounds we generate ourselves or play from iTunes and our wide library.


Throwback Thursday Merry Christmas Edition

Since Christmas is on a Thursday this year I thought it was only appropriate to share some fun pictures from Christmases of the past.

In 2008, for instance, there were only three of them.

Wow. Look at Little Miss there and then surf through the site looking at Newbie now. Nope, not sisters at all.

A year later the mischief would grow.

Though Superman’s hair would not. :p

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Episode 139 Notes: Old News but Good (Delivered) News

And here is episode 139!

The notes, as usual, are after the break.


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JibJab 2014 Year in Review

So I say this morning that I was going to be done posting. I should have specified that I was done with picture posts for the holidays. At least, that’s the way it’s turning out since JibJab had to go release their year in review. :p

Their quality has slowly gone down, but I appreciated the nods to some things I’d forgotten about (and some things I hadn’t even heard about).

Redflare summed it up in one word: disturbing.

It was funny seeing a lot of hash tags in there. Twitter is certainly “a thing” at this point. It’s how I mostly get my news for the podcast after all.

So, sit back, enjoy, and I hope your 2014 was better than some of those folks… and that your 2015 improves on things.