Homemade Star Teether

Redflare challenged herself to create a really neat cloth teether for Thunderer.

I think it turned out really well.

One of her plans when all the kids are in school is to be crafty like this. I mean, if you’re willing to walk into Target and pay $10-$15 for some foreign made thing how much are you willing to pay for a lovingly crafted homemade toy that is perfect for a tyke?

Given her time, supplies, and effort I bet she’d be making a cool little profit of it if she decided to charge $10 with shipping.

What do you think? Perhaps go higher?


Nature Watchers

Nature has a habit of surprising and rewarding you if you take a moment, step back, and actually bask in it.

This bunny making it’s home in our backyard is a prime example of that.

It made us feel good that it felt safe enough in our backyard to make its burrow.

Meanwhile the little girls will enjoy the grass and other things growing outside the fence.

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