Riding the Rides

At the end of the school year TJ earned the right to go to the closest amusement park to celebrate good grades and no late assignments.

There weren’t many opportunities for good pictures while chaperoning the group, but here is a shot of him in the spinning boat.

I had a good time. The park wasn’t as big as I expected (it could easily fit inside the St. Louis Six Flags for instance) but I had a lot of fun with them. It was interesting seeing the preteen in his natural habitat (being among friends).


Play Kitchen Home

Along with allowing the littles to draw on the plastic portions of the walls in the basement we found a better spot for the play kitchen down there as well.

It looks great set up down there behind the couch.

We still have plenty of walkway through too.

The fireplace? That was there in the basement when we got the house. Seems to be an electric one, we’ve never used it.


Wall Art

We discovered recently that the plastic anti-mold wall coverings in the basement can be drawn on with crayon and then cleaned off with germ-x and gentle scrubbing.

It was an appreciated activity as the temperatures increased. Something extra to do in the basement.

Little Miss decorated the basement with this scene. We had just shared Homeward Bound with them for the first time and they loved it.


Happy Birch

For the Flameflash.net tree watch 2015 we’ll add the birches to the mix.

These we were the most worried about, but they seem to have finally recovered from being planted and 4 of 6 are now turning green and sprouting leaves.