Big Red seems unimpressed with the idea of being photographed but this is a great angle to show off her red/pink paws and the spot on her forehead that gave her the name “Red” when she was a kitten.



Here’s where that whole blog delay is really kicking in. I got this back in April.

Oh, I was advised not to laminate the card and instead make physical and/or digital copies of the vaccination card. Something about the ink used on the stickers they put on the card possibly having issues with being laminated.


Sunning Red

Most of the angles we get of Big Red don’t really show off the red/pink fur on her front left leg and the red spot on her forehead, so people see this large, gorgeous maine coon floof and think “that’s a weird name.”

Well, here you can really see that red on Red.


Stolen Chair

Based on my shirt this actually happened back on Mar10 (Mario Day) but Lady Grey felt the need to curl up in my chair and sleep when I got up to use the bathroom.

I present this as further evidence that I am a cat person.

Newbie helped me out by taking this picture as I worked.