Caturday Plant Supervisor

Speaking of cats yesterday… Lady Grey seems to appreciate the seed starting “tents” in the piano parlor. We’ve found her chilling on the bean bag in there on multiple occasions.



Bird Watching

With all the snow still on the ground we heard that birds were starting to starve.

Sadly, as the snow melted we did find two dead birds.

On the next grocery run though we picked up a bird feeder, which was immediately appreciated by the locals.

Meanwhile, the cats have appreciated being able to watch our visitors…

Anybody who has bird watching cats can probably hear the sound Big Red is making as Redflare took this picture.


Trash Pickup

Redflare called the trash pickup company once the snow melted and she had a chance to actually watch what they were (and weren’t) doing but between then and this picture every trash pickup day there would be quite a bit of stuff floating around the neighborhood.

On one such occasion sweet little Newbie picked up an offending item in each hand and walked it home after school to be properly disposed of.


Breakfast of Champions

So we found that while at the hospital TJ had trouble taking pain medicine in pill form.

They were kind enough to give us a pill crusher (though I’m sure that will show up on the non-itemized bill as a secret expense) and we then mixed it into some pudding for him.

His pain was well controlled the whole time. Amazingly he didn’t even need any of the harder stuff.