Finally Arrived

I really can’t remember how long ago I ordered this. Probably was around April 2021 at least. I took until Jan 2022 for it to finally arrive.

The comic, meanwhile, arrived right when it was supposed to release date wise (though I’m not remembering exactly when that was at this point).

It was nice having the crossover toy side by side with the crossover book.

Have I taken him out of his packaging yet? Well no. But I have him. And I’m glad that I do as it honors two fandoms I’ve always quite enjoyed.

Interestingly enough, I started watching Transformers Prime on my lunch breaks and it slowly sucked in both Newbie and Superman. Now I have to wait for them to continue it. :p

I don’t mind though. I tried introducing the older two to Transformers and while TJ enjoyed them and thought they were cool, the interest and passion just didn’t form like it stands with me.

The animation quality (and probably toy quality) seems a lot better than back in my day.


No Way Home

So just a couple months since the physical release I’m celebrating here when we went to actually see No Way Home in the theatre.

Naturally we were still using masks as not everyone (Newbie) was vaccinated yet, but by going a few weeks after release during their Christmas break we made sure to minimize covid contact as much as possible.

I’m pretty sure the girls just didn’t want to bother smiling for the picture so they put their masks up instead.

It was a fantastic end to the three movie establishment arc of Holland’s Spiderman portrayal and I look forward to whatever comes next.

(As I’ve scheduled this the Love and Thunder trailer came out just this week and Multiverse of Madness was still unrated to give folks a hint as to when I actually scheduled this post.)


Five Games, Five Generations

So before I get started, where the crap have I been? Well, after that last post on 11/16/18 I ran out of pictures and time to post anything more. The joys of helping run a family during the holidays. It’s been a rough couple of months.

I mean, it’s taking me almost a month to get to looking at this tweet we’ll get to into a moment.

Now, if you don’t follow this guy’s blog about gaming yet, I’d highly recommend heading his way. You can find him over at Adventure Rules.

So this challenge was to pull five games from five different generations (and challenge five people, which I’ll leave alone).

A tweet wouldn’t do my response justice, hence why I’m here.

You want generations of gaming? I’ve got generations of gaming.

Let’s get started!

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Note 8 – A Week In

First off, how about an unboxing video?

Now, after a week of having the Note 8 what’s my present verdict?

I love it.

I don’t know if it’s due to the fact that I haven’t had a new phone since the Note 3, the fact that it’s leaps and bounds an upgrade, or if Note 8 was the exact phone I’d been waiting for, but it’s perfect for my needs.

How do I use a smartphone?

It’s a communication device, plain and simple.

My top apps are:

Yes, I use other apps (like Facebook on rare occasion) but these are the top four.

Have my habits changed since getting the Note 8 at all?

Not really, except I do find myself taking more pictures. The Note 8 camera is fantastic and I think has made Redflare question if it wasn’t my previous phone’s camera (Note 3) that was the culprit of at least 25% of my bad pictures.

I can’t blame the equipment fully, I totally admit to not being a very good photographer.

I do find myself really appreciating the new gif making capabilities.

Record a video, convert it to a gif!

Draw a gif!

I drew that heart for Newbie while at the bus stop. We were waving at each other through the window. I loved seeing her face light up: Daddy drew her a heart!

It was a long-needed upgrade, and I have no regrets a week in. I look forward to this being my handy little gadget for another four or five years.


Screening for Success

Honestly, my verdict for the 5th edition of the DM screen is still up in the air.

The tables and information are great. It’s nice having the information at my fingertips, but I like to open roll. I don’t know, perhaps that’s a mistake, but since I do, I don’t end up hiding behind it and therefore I end up leaving it folded and to the side.

At that point, if I had the appropriate tables bookmarked I could get to them almost as fast. No, not as fast, but almost.

I haven’t had it long, and haven’t had a chance to use it in many sessions, so we’ll see how it goes as the game continues.

Roll on!


Review: Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: Fantasy Roleplaying Fundamentals (D&D Boxed Game)

I posted this review on the item itself but it seemed fitting to post here as well. Somewhere it’ll get lost in my shuffle of posts, not the shuffle of dozens of reviews.

I have a team of green heroes. Couple this with the free to download and use starter rules PDF and use the rules booklet here as an additional guide to pass around the table.

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