Being Awkward

I’m not quite sure what promotion decided to put weird messages on M&M packages but I thought this particular one would be perfect for Snow and me as we played Stardew Valley: “I love being socially awkward with you.”

At this point we’re into year 4 with the island house unlocked. Farthest we’ve ever been!



Big Red seems unimpressed with the idea of being photographed but this is a great angle to show off her red/pink paws and the spot on her forehead that gave her the name “Red” when she was a kitten.


Purchase Mistake

In today’s episode of “First World Problems” I managed to accidentally buy on a grocery run early May the wrong flavor of Pepsi.

I didn’t want my soda to be patriotic, I wanted it to be cherry flavored, darn it! :p

You can see in this side-by-side why it was an easy mistake when quickly grabbing. I saw a red bar, I assumed (incorrectly) that it was cherry.

I have since slowed down on my pepsi grabbing habits so that I can be sure to get a cherry.

And no, I’m not drinking pepsi for any political reason, but rather because I’ve always preferred cherry pepsi over other sodas.


Fried Flowers

Yeah, I didn’t know this was a thing at all and then Little Miss/Snow watches a tiktok and now we’re harvesting dandelions, breading them, and frying them.

Not bad. Not much flavor period really, but that’s probably for the best if you’re grossed out. Supposedly these things are chock full of nutrients that are good for you too.