Sunning Red

Most of the angles we get of Big Red don’t really show off the red/pink fur on her front left leg and the red spot on her forehead, so people see this large, gorgeous maine coon floof and think “that’s a weird name.”

Well, here you can really see that red on Red.


Pickup Hunters

There he goes, the guy with a massive height advantage over the other hunters, and he’s leaning down to take the ground level eggs.

I’m glad we distribute the candy inside evenly after the hunt or else he’d have gotten sick from all the sugar for sure.

The others were close behind him though, he won’t get them all!

Thunderer paused to watch out for more in the tree. I enjoy this shot because there’s nothing left, but they don’t know that yet.


The Hunt Begins

Easter this year mostly cooperated weather wise. Everybody still needed to wear jackets but otherwise it was cool and spring-like outside.

Little Miss helped hide the eggs for her younger siblings so she was walking around with Fireball this time instead.


Snow’s Stardew Wedding

We have two games running. Snow and I have a game and then we have a four player game running with TJ, Snow, TJ’s best friend, and myself.

Naturally we’re able to play more frequently with just two people coordinating but the four player game is in year 3 while back on April 3 when these pictures (now a GIF) were taken we were still just in year 2.

Part of the neat thing about multiple play-throughs is seeing all of the additional story beats that you just can’t see if you’re always marrying the same individuals. Not only does Stardew therefore have an amazing level of “just keep going” but you also have an incentive to start multiple sessions so you can marry and see different stories and interactions.

Snow here was just marrying Elliot and I was still working on getting my relationship status high enough with Penny. In our four player game Snow went with Abigail and I went with Leah.

What’s really funny through all of this is for some reason Snow never changes clothes on the cutscenes. The rest of us use male avatars, so maybe that’s the issue, I don’t know.

On the pictures above, for example I’m loitering in the back center behind Linus but my clothes are changed.

Meanwhile, on this same session I’m off dealing with Willy’s crabs I’m back in my normal attire…

As usual, I look forward to when we can next play in either the four player or two player games. The really interesting aspect of the two player one Snow and I have is that we’re using shared money. It suddenly feels very much more like teamwork rather than independently playing together.


Stolen Chair

Based on my shirt this actually happened back on Mar10 (Mario Day) but Lady Grey felt the need to curl up in my chair and sleep when I got up to use the bathroom.

I present this as further evidence that I am a cat person.

Newbie helped me out by taking this picture as I worked.