Caturday: Resting Chin

Well this year is just already set to hit me right in the feels, isn’t?

Two Caturdays in a row, two of sweet little Thundercat while he was still with us…

As I write this in August to schedule for January it’s hard to think that he’s only been gone a little over a month but will have been gone much longer when this actually goes live.

We still miss you and talk of you often little guy.


Caturday Posthumous Lap Cuddles

What’s heartbreaking here is that this is the first Caturday that I’m scheduling after losing dear Thundercat.

We found him dead on 6/15/2022. There will likely be a few more precious pictures of him as things go forward, but as I schedule this in July it’s really hard to even think of anything more to say, so go forth and appreciate this beautiful happy floof exactly where he loved to be: somebody’s lap.