Pet Cuddles

The kids all got to appreciate Mom and Pops’ pets too while there.

Thunderer was especially taken with their dog Charlie.

When compared to Thunderer he was a horse! She had no fear though and enjoyed hugging the big puppy every chance she could get.

Maddie is their older, smaller, and sweet pupper who could be trusted outside a bit more without heavy supervision.

Then the cat Peaches who was very aloof the first night we were there but once she realized we were mostly harmless allowed the kids.

She helped fulfill Little Miss’ cat quota too.



Family Pictures

So what’s a first-time reunion like this without gathering _everybody_ up and getting a group shot or two?

All of the grandkids, all together!

The brothers!

And the parents and the boys.

Looking at these pictures again, it’s just amazing to finally be there. I really wish the van had behaved itself, but I’m glad Redflare suggested we finish the trip down and that I listened.


Caturday Combo

I’m not sure why there are so many cat pictures all bunched up together in my picture folder. I guess that means we get to do a super caturday post!

Thunder starts us off with some cuddling.

Big Red takes the high seat to survey where she should go next.

Perhaps sneak in some sun time…

And finally, because being a cat is hard work, cuddle on a bean bag.

Go ahead, try and resist the cute fluffiness!



If you looked up the word “disapproval” or “annoyance” in the dictionary, I believe you might just find Big Red’s picture there.

Both Newbie and Thunderer wanted costumes that included bow ties, so naturally we tried one on Red.

This was the result.


Cuddle Buddies

I’m not quite sure what started this phase, but for a while Lady Grey was Thunderer’s shadow around the house.

Perhaps Thunderer is old enough now that she’s not being too rough with the kitty, or perhaps Grey appreciates Thunderer’s body heat as the days started turning cold?

Thunderer probably has no memory of our home without cats in it. That’s amazing for me to think about.

Somehow we even managed to get Lady Grey to almost say ‘cheese’ for this picture.


Cat Lap

Redflare is admittedly not a massive cat person. She tolerates them in large part because I and the kids love them, especially Little Miss.

We always enjoy it when, therefore, they set up shop in her lap.

I think after this picture (where I was summoned instead to offload her lap and put Thunderer to bed) they did have to get up.

It was time to invade another lap at that point. There would be no reading allowed!

They’re pretty little floofs.

Sometimes the assume guard duty. They usually flee from the toddler while she’s awake, but it’s hard to resist the cuteness once she’s in a nest before taking her up to bed.