Worker Cat

It appears Lady Grey decided I needed to move my keyboard and take up residence in the middle of my desk… again.

Naturally I changed the screens in the background to avoid anything being shared from the screen, but I still had to go in and blur a couple things later.

Couch Sitting

As I schedule this in mid August I’m amused that it’s currently my facebook page header picture and was the first official picture of the new couch.

Yet here we are, in November when it actually goes live.

Oh well. We can still celebrate the magnificance of Lady Grey on the right and Big Red on the left, cuddling contentedly.


Cat Couch Goodbye

Regardless of the Christmas decoration that was still taped to the wall in the background, this picture comes to us from mid June where we found a new (to us) couch and moved the old couch out so that we could make space for the new.

During the process there was a short amount of time where both couches were in the living room, and during that time Thundercat here decided to give it a final goodbye lay upon.



As we’ve seen, all the cats enjoy the window and the blackout curtains we got this summer to help improve efficiency by blocking more sunlight.

In reality, of course, that’s both Big Red and Lady Grey up there but the way they’re laying it looks like they’re one long cat thanks to the curtain hiding the rest of their bodies.

I was amused.


Stardew Nesting

I was slightly torn on if I should schedule this on a caturday for obvious reasons or keep going as normal. I ultimately scheduled it as normal because the highlight here is little sleeping Fireball, nested securely, so that Little Miss and I can play Stardew Valley and keep an eye on this little restless sleeper who so desperately wanted me close.

Much more comfortable for both her and me than letting her sleep in my lap and us game.