Thunderer Up Close

I was just barely outside of range to get whacked by those black and pink boots. It’s quite the northern spring outfit when you think about it. T-shirt, leggings, boots with a sweatshirt hanging in the background, just in case.

They all for the most part took off their sweatshirts. They’re clearly acclimated to the cooler temperatures of up here.


Knocked Out

After helping herself to my sandwich I guess her little belly was full and she just flopped over, asleep.

She looked uncomfortable so I adjusted her a bit for her afternoon nap.

It’s now that I remember that this actually happened on a Saturday so I must have been doing paperwork rather than actual work when she was stealing my sub.


Sandwich Stealer

Working from home has a lot of benefits. It also presents a danger to sandwiches during lunch breaks.


(The first has little Fireball leaning into my sub sandwich and the second has her contentedly putting a hand on the sub as she confidently bites into the end.)

I usually get a cold cut combo during grocery night and then save at least one half for work the next day. With as busy as things were that night both halves (fortunately) were available to share.

(A happy baby with lettuce hanging out of mouth slightly after taking another bite)