School Amusement

Either Little Miss is short or her boyfriend is tall. Perhaps a little bit of both.

The school year is winding down, so off the middle school goes to the closest theme park. Next year she’s a Freshman.



Weather Ready

Still late April, and you can tell which one of them looks at the weather forecast for the day and which ones want to be dressed for the morning, that’s for sure.


Concert Ready

Interestingly the elementary concerts were split up by ages/grades.

Yes, that meant we had to go to the elementary school twice in one week in the evening but at the same time, I appreciated that they weren’t trying to fit _everything_ into one night for the kids’ bedtimes sake.

They both enjoyed waving to us from the risers.

It’s amazing to me that little Newbie there is now in what I think was Little Miss’ first dress.


The Rube Goldberg


Thunderer came along (naturally) to a school event where Little Miss and a group set up a rube goldberg machine.

While she waited for it to actually do something she pretended to meditate.

The goal of the machine for this group was to close a book (and squash a mouse).

It didn’t work 100% as expected but did at least do what it set out to do.

They even won the ‘most creative’ award.

Before anybody asks, not every group did win something.

It was a quick trip and then we were on our way back home, but not before Thunderer got to hug her biggest sister.


Winter Dance

Soon after her birthday, maybe the next weekend, there was a school dance.

To prepare she MADE her own dress!

Here’s a close up of the belt too.

And then, because she has a boyfriend who met her at the dance there are a couple pictures there.

Then it was time to gather the group for a silly picture.

And a final one with her best friend.