Preschool Screening

Thunderer was approaching four in these pictures. It was time to see how ready she was for Kindergarten.

They do their best to gather data on children’s vision…


and mental growth…

She passed or exceeded all of them with flying colors.



Camp Trip

Little Miss, now in 8th grade, had the opportunity to go to some sort of camp for a couple days this fall.

The disposable cameras we sent her with didn’t turn out many good pictures at all, but I did manage to send her off after snapping a good picture of her.


Bus Stop Lineups

It’s difficult sometimes to get them all to stay still to get a good shot. Sometimes we have to settle for getting them in smaller groups.

I think this school morning was a teacher late start day or maybe Thunderer was still in bed so Redflare walked them to the stop alone. I’m not sure at this point.

Had some fun pictures hiding away that should see the light of day. 🙂


First Days

Like I said, it’s my intention to work at catching up on these posts and pictures, especially now that Redflare has a new camera (details on that later) so I’ll fall way behind otherwise.

The start of TJ’s sophomore year! Can’t believe it.

Little Miss started 8th grade this fall.

Meanwhile, a friend of TJ’s manages to photobomb the situation “innocently.”

They’ve ben friends since we moved here in… 2013.

Wow, we’re on to our 5th year here. Amazing.

The teens started school a day before the littles. Which meant that the very next day was another “first day of school” situation.

Superman moved on to 3rd grade.

while Newbie started first.

Schoolers, it’s time for a group picture! I know you don’t want to TJ, too bad!

And finally, Superman and Newbie, eagerly waiting in line at their bus.


Back to School Planning

That’s right, we’ve already basically burned off the summer now and are approaching fall.

At least I’m catching up on the pictures pretty quickly?

Summer isn’t gone yet though, so they’re nicely armed from a ‘back to school survival box’ from Grandma and Grandpa with bubbles.

Which nicely kept Thunderer happy as they explored what else was in the package.

Like hand-made and selected cards (one of their great aunts made the cards).

And some shirts!

Little Miss was showing off the sweatshirt she got pretty quickly. She likes being cozy. Superman was sure to try his on as well.

We were sure to get her to pose in her new shirt too.

They may not have all been _wanting_ to go back to school, but they were certainly more ready after the package.