Houston: We’re Out of Pictures!

You’ll probably notice that things went quiet around here. Well, it’s been busy with the last days of school and whatnot. The site is officially on a break as Redflare catches up on helping me process pictures. I have 11 pictures ready to go so I’m going to get those posts prepared and scheduled but posting frequency may see holes now that I’m finally caught up with my “ready to post” picture backlog.

No worries though, still maintaining the blog, just shifting gears to accommodate being caught up to present day finally.


Redirect: A Disney Afternoon in Time

I have joined the fine folks at nontoxicgaming.com (NTG) to help with their blog when time allows.

To that end, similar to how I redirect to Repping With Leashes on Monk of Mists I’ll begin to redirect to NTG when I have a new post over there.

I’d strongly recommend adding NTG’s blog to your favorite RSS feeder if you can though, then you’ll get everybody, not just me. If you don’t have a favorite RSS reader, like this site, you can sign up for email updates through feedburner. You’ll have to pay their blog a visit at least once and then hit the “subscribe” button at the top.

Oh yeah, I should actually post the redirect shouldn’t I?

Come with me, on “A Disney Afternoon in Time.”


Screw You Facebook

So Facebook showed me this picture today:

I’ve known my Redflare for a lot longer than that.

I don’t know why this rubbed me the wrong way, I think because Facebook is trying to claim that it’s somehow special and important in my life.

It’s not.

My Redflare is, and I’ve known her since August of 1990 just as I wrote about in my throwback posts (one and two).

I don’t need some stupid website tracking “milestones” that it decides to make up.

I don’t know, maybe others really do celebrate these things. Perhaps my kids will with their spouses… but I’d rather celebrate the days that are important to me.

I’ve scheduled tweets about it for tomorrow, but as of 9/14 I’m turning off FB auto updating from twitter. If you follow the blog primarily from Facebook be sure you go and like it. I’ll continue posting new posts to twitter as I’ve always done.


It’s Time to Catch Up

So as should be obvious, I’ve been quiet on both the podcast and Monk of Mists for a while.

We were expecting a new little bundle to our family! She has finally arrived and the Thunderer is doing quite well. Born 12/29/13 at 11lbs and 3.5 oz at 10:29AM.

To that end, I hope to, going forward catch up on all the posts and great pictures that we’ve missed out on through the fall and winter, leading up to Christmas and Thunderer’s birth.

Will you get to see cute pictures of the new baby? Sure! When? As soon as we’re caught up.

Why? Because my other children are amazing and deserve a spotlight too.

So keep watching. We’re not going anywhere. Just took a bit of a hiatus due to real life needing my energy. Oh, and the podcast should return very soon too.


A Musical Post Intermission: Settling In

Well, while trying to set everything up in “the office” room I found that the Mac that has survived for a good seven years has a bad power supply (we hope that’s all it is).

Because of that, the podcast and picture editing is a bit in a standstill. So until I’m able to receive Redflare edited pictures and convert ustream to MP3s I’m pondering if I should continue posting and just backlog the podcast or let the backlog build and have a nice big return show for 120.

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