Ready for School

Well, last weekend we went to the store and picked up school supplies.

Some of those seem outrageous. Why would a child need 24 dry erase markers? If they run out, send the parents out to get more. 5th grade is old enough that your child can tell you what they’re running low on at school.

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Product Review: GE Power Pro X500 Digital Camera

The battery sucker.

Originally we loved this camera.

We’re not a professionals, but I thought it took great pictures for our purposes.

We’ve only had it about a week, and we’ve had to change the batteries every day. We have a battery tester and it’s telling us good batteries are bad.

That is unacceptable.

We shudder to think how many batteries people who don’t have a battery tester just throw away thanks to this camera. We read a few reviews about the batteries not lasting long, but thought they were probably just being picky.

They weren’t.

We’re returning it. The camera search continues…