Episode 134 Notes: E3 2014 Attack… Plus!

Episode 134: So we have another E3 on the books, pluse we have some good political commentary to mention. Not bad at all for three weeks’ time is it? -FF

WoW: Spirits of Harmony Unbound

WoW: Guardian Cub Headed to Archive

WoW: Hogger 10th Anniversary Pet

WoW: Wowhead character planner

WoW: Inventory Updates!

WoW: New Warforged Nightmare

LoL: Summoner’s Rift Map Update

PSN: Plants V Zombies Garden Warfare: “They’re Coming”

Wii U: Mario Kart 8 getting free advertising DLC

Wii U: Luigi Death Stare Memes!

Webcomic Reference: Ctrl+Alt+Del

Video Collection

Wii U: Gamecube controller adapter (for Smash Bros)

Wii U/3DS: Mii Fighter for Smash Bros.

Wii U/3DS: Paultena for Smash Bros.

Wii U: Next Zelda Game Announced

Wii U: Bayonetta 2 Includes Original

Wii U: Hyrule Warriors Updated

Wii U: Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Announced

Wii U: Xenoblade Chronicles X Announced

Wii U: Mario Maker Annuounced

Wii U: Splatoon Announced

Wii U: Mario Party 10 Announced

PS4: Destiny and White Bundle

Sony: Playstation Now Coming July 31 (on PS4, later on Vita and PS3)

Vita: PlaystationTV coming for $100

Mobile: Angry Birds Transformers

Gaming: Play Farcry 4 Even if You Don’t Own It

Gaming: Basic D&D for Free

Gaming: New Super Mario Bros Glitch

Apple: Yosemite Announced for Fall (Free)

Education: Girl Suspended for Too Short Shorts

Education: Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Funded in 24 Hours

Politics: US Marshalls “Rescue” ACLU Requested Records

Politics: FBI Hacks Stratfor

Politics: Canadian Supreme Court Throws Out Spying Law

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