Lice Battle

I think we’re still missing one or two things that we used during this epic battle. Scissors and a nit pick come to mind.

It’s finally over though, and we emerge victorious.

Next year, we’ll ask Newbie to not hug everyone on the last day of school. We’re pretty sure that’s how we got it in the first place.


Apple Promises

Three years ago, for Mother’s and Father’s Day we planted a “mommy” (non pollinator) and “daddy” (pollinator) apple tree.

This year we are blessed with seeing the hint of two apples on the first daddy tree we planted.

Last year, we planted two more apple trees. This year we planted cherry trees.

We already have a plan that if they successfully ripen we’ll be washing and cutting them and all seven of us will enjoy a slice or two of our brand new fresh apples.

A promise of wonderful things to come.


Meeting Mom

Well, if I’ve finally found Mom, then it’s high time I actually get to see Mom in person.

A date was set, and we finally got to meet.

They’re still based in Iowa, so we met kind of halfway. They drove a bit farther, but part of the adventure was building new memories on their boat at this lake.

It’s hard to summarize the fantastic day except to say it was over too soon.

We closed it out with an ice cream treat in the late afternoon and a fellow DQ customer obliged us by helping get a shot of all of us.

I have two moms now! They both love me very much.

For an adoptee, it’s the most ideal outcome you can ever hope for.