Sims 3: Into the Future Announcement Trailer

So yesterday we had the Movie Stuff trailer and tonight we have the “Into the Future” trailer.

I’m honestly surprised that we’re having another expansion. I expected, with Sims 4 on the horizon, that we were probably done with Island Paradise.

After watching this…

I’m glad to be wrong.

So not only are they unlocking an easier way to make Simbots but there are some really fun and great gadgets.

That’s the thing I love about the Sims… you can build up (or not) as much as you want.

Love just having a few of the pieces of the future in your game? Add them! Not interested at all in that trailer? Ignore it totally! The modular nature of the game allows you to build your world, your way, without anybody telling you you’re doing it wrong.

There’s something very Zen about that.


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