An Evening of Peace: A Memory of Light

As the goodreads widget off to the lower left of the site says, we’ve started reading “A Memory of Light” by Brandon Sanderson and Robert Jordan.

Redflare introduced me to this book series when she moved to the same town I was going to college in at the time. She started reading the series when she was eleven.

Normally when new copies of this series come out she devours them in the first week and then I take a month or so to read it.

This time, for the last book of the series… the fourteenth and final book (909 pages!) we’re reading it together. Couldn’t even get through the prologue! Who ever heard of a 75 page prologue?

Oh well, we enjoyed it. I know Redflare will probably re-read it once we finish on her own, but it’s neat trying something new with her. Probably the only person I’m not self-conscious reading fresh words for.

(Usually when I read aloud I first read it myself so I don’t trip over anything.)

We filled the rest our evening just talking and eating McFlurries. No electronics were involved.

This month marks our 11th year as husband and wife. This year (in August) marks knowing each other for 23.

I appreciate that after all this time we’d still prefer each other’s company over others. I believe we always will.

Looking forward to reading this book with you, dear wife.

We promise not to post spoilers.


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