Episode 84 Notes

And here we go for episode 84!


WoW: Rep Relief

SWTOR: Digital Expansion Approaches

Level 55 Cap

Digital Only

“Rise of the Hutt Cartel”

3DS: Mega Man 1-6 Going to eShop

PC: Mega Man x Street Fighter

PS3: Playstation All Stars Battle Royale IGN Tournament

Wii U: TVii Hits

Entertainment: Ultimate Spiderman Season 2: Jan 21

News: China Stabbing Rampage (22 children and an elderly woman)

News: Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting (28 dead, 20 kids)

News: Anonymous Account Suspended Temporarily

News: West Virginia Senator Files Bill to Study Video game Violence (Sen. Rockefeller – D)

News: Arkansas Town (Paragould)

News: Social Media and Teens-A Warning Story

News: Off-Duty Officer Halts Gunman at Theatre in Texas

Tech: Instragram Owns Your Pictures… Or Does it?

Science: Decoy Building Spider?!

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