Episode 108 Notes

Episode 108 is upon us!

WoW: New Store Mount: Armored Bloodwing

WoW: Battle.net Desktop Rumour

WoW: Account Services at 50% Off This Week

WoW: The Movie starts filming 2014

SCII: Wings of Liberty Half Off

SCII: Spawning from Starter Edition

Comics: Super Mario Bros. 2: The Movie Comic

PSVita: Fieldrunners 2 Slated for Summer

PS3: PS Home E3 Pre-registration Event

Playstation: DCUO coming to PS4

Xbox: Microsoft Offers Clarifications on X1

Final Fantasy: FF13-3: Lightning Returns Release Date: Feb 11

Final Fantasy: FF13-3 Theme Music

Diablo: D3 Coming to 360 on Sept 3 as well

CivV: Free to Play Weekend on Steam! Preorder New Expansion

Entertainment: Avengers Director Joss Whedon Won’t Return Without Robert Downey Jr

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